Piano Mover

At Best In Piano Movers, we work hard towards providing recommendable services and customer's satisfaction. We will put the required effort to meet all your piano moving expectations. Therefore, this means that we clearly understand the right way to transport your piano safely to each place you want. 

We use the right equipment whenever transporting your precious item to ensure a safe and successful move to its final destination. Our main reason for investing in the right tools is to serve our clients better and protect their pianos. Other than this, we use the correct dollies and heavy-duty pads so we can wrap and move your instrument carefully. 

We have a highly trained team who play an essential role in ensuring that your piano gets moved carefully to the desired location. Also, our staff move your instrument politely, on time, and efficiently. Other than this, our skilled team look presentable, are in uniform, have a clean-cut, and this staff always act professionally. 


Do's And Don'ts Whenever Moving A Piano

There are high chances for several things to go wrong while moving your Piano. However, there are some tips you need to consider during this process to make the whole process successful. They include:

  • Taking Accurate Measurements. It is always crucial to take correct measurements whenever you're moving your piano. By doing this, it will become easy to give this item enough space. You need to measure the dimensions of your musical instrument and the widths of your doorway and hallway. Disassembling is the best option before relocating the musical instrument if it does not fit through the doors or hallways. Also, it is essential to check if it can fit the new location or storage space after completing the moving process. 


  • Weight of the Piano. Mostly, pianos weigh between 300 and 1,000 pounds. Therefore, you should handle your musical instrument with a lot of care to avoid any damages. In many cases, you will get the weight of the piano on the manufacturer's label. Consider confirming from the manufacturer or visiting their website if you can't find it on the label. The weight of the piano is an essential thing checked by the Piano movers. They do this since they want to assign the right sources for safe and efficient transportation. 
  • Avoid Pushing or Pulling. Yes, most pianos feature wheels on their legs, but this is only for decoration purposes. Therefore, you should avoid pushing or pulling your musical instrument since this may place stress on its legs, hence causing them to break. Other than this, there are high chances for wheels to damage your floor. 


  • Note the Obstacles. Consider identifying any potential issues that your piano may have. Do this while it is early enough to avoid regretting later. Also, this is essential since it helps the piano movers to prepare themselves well. 


  • Using the Right Protection. Knowing the right way of packing your piano is essential if you're planning to move your piano to a specific place. Wrapping it with cloth-based padding is the best option since it enhances better air circulation.